Our Approach

Company Approach

We’re creating a truly tech-first life sciences company—forging a new path to life-changing medical discoveries through a combination of artificial intelligence, automation and experimental biology. .

The true power of our platform continues to be revealed over time. Every experiment we conduct each week adds to our discovery dataset in a way that’s highly consistent and relatable. By continually expanding this dataset, we’re building a comprehensive database mapping the effects of tens of millions of genetic, chemical, and other biological perturbations on many cell types relevant to human disease. This will enable us to model more complex biological processes, integrate different modalities, and begin to predict fruitful areas of scientific research with minimal de novo experimentation. As we keep leveraging technology to dramatically decrease the cost and increase the efficiency of biological research, these advances will enable us to realize our ultimate vision of building a map of human cellular biology.


Elegant, efficient, and effective design is at the heart of everything we do. Our experimental biologists sit side-by-side with data scientists to design massively parallel screening protocols.

Armed with state-of-the-art experimental protocols, our high-throughput screening (HTS) team generates hundreds of thousands of cellular images every week, transferring each one to the cloud in real-time.


We collect massive amounts of data alongside rigorously defined control and test variations to yield rich biological discoveries each week.


To be number one in providing healthcare products that address health and medical needs.

Our Mission

ontinuously striving for improvement and innovation in the healthcare sector.

Our People

Relentless efforts in marketing and staff training accompanied with progressive research and development on our products has led to overall appreciable increase in the annual turnover of the company.