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Company History

25 Year’s
Of Experience !

Providing Healthcare solutions.

EuroMed has been serving the healthcare needs for more than two decades
We have a wealth of experience in meeting the requirements of Consultants and other senior hospital personnel in the areas of Gynaecology, Forensics, SARC’s and child protection. EuroMed is a successful medium-size company located in Berlin Germany. It is already over 25 years old. Although we may be a complex company, we have always proven our strengths in difficult times and situations. EuroMed has an unbelievable number of aspects, enor-mous potential and great employees.

The people working here realize ideas hand in hand with our customers. What spurs them on is turning technology into “Technology for Life”. We give them the funding and the freedom to accomplish this. Even though we may often be complex and complicated, these many largeand small aspects make us special. Our development has been led by many different influences. Inventiveness coupled with engineering expertise, a human face and the will to save lives with thehelp of technology.

Our development was driven in partby strategy but to some extent also by incredible coincidences and outrageous ideas.


Milestones in Healthcare History

Healthcare Education

Education needs a revamp, and even more so healthcare education. Doctors are put through a gauntlet of requirements before they even see the light of day and this leads to supply issues. Currently, it is estimated that the United States needs 96,000 more doctors just to meet the current needs.

Through robust 3D training tools offered by companies like 3D4 Medical which helps doctors learn about Anatomy without having to cut open a cadaver was invented.

Advances in Prosthetics

War is in our DNA, and with conflict, there is injuries to Military personels including loss of limbs and traumatic brain injury. DARPA is looking to change that by enabling wounded service members with amputations to neurally control state-of-the-art prosthetic limbs. The goal is to assist them in returning to active duty and to improve their quality of life. Program developments may impact the broad community of patients with medical amputations, spinal cord injuries and neurological diseases. The challenges lie with creating an interface that is directly compatible with our own nervous system and making the connection fast enough to interpret our movement intent without latency.

Radiology Technology

Radiology technology plays a critical role in diagnosing different medical diseases and conditions. New radiology technology offers expanded functions and convenience for both patient and qualified technicians with a radiology bachelor’s degree. For example, digital medical imaging allows the healthcare professional to examine unmovable patients at their bedside through the use of wireless technology. Remote viewing technology makes it possible to view the current and past images outside of the radiology dept. In fact, the patient can also easily view their own radiology medical records online.

Hybrid Operating Rooms

With the addition of new technology, comes the integration with established technology and systems that either needs to be replace completely or connected with to improve their performance or build upon the brand new technology’s use.

This is a difficult task for healthcare professionals due to the complexities of the systems, technologies and operations currently in place at all healthcare facilities, hence why this industry is often the slowest moving when it comes to impactful change.

A hybrid operation room is a new innovation where a traditional OR is outfitted with advanced medical technology to improve the care delivered to patients and enhances the skill-sets of medical practitioners when it comes to administering treatment.

Detecting Skin Cancer

Millions of people each year feel the effects of Melanoma, more commonly known as skin cancer. Nearly 1 in 5 people will be treated for it in their lifetime, making it the most widespread in the nation. Caught at an early stage, the survival rate for melanoma is 99 percent. In advanced stages, though, that rate drops to a mere 15 percent.

The good thing about the skin and its relation to cancer is that we can observe it. Visual detection is the best way to prevent advanced stage melanoma. Therefore checking moles and other discoloration on the skin regularly can be the best form of early detection.

If a patient notices a change and brings it to the attention of their dermatologist, this new device is able to scan the area and report to the physician whether or not melanoma is present within a few seconds. It works by analyzing a database of over 10,000 images alongside a structural scan of the skin using military-grade optical technology. Clinical trials show that this device is nearly 98% effective.

Our Vision In Healthcare Services

EuroMed's reputation relies upon the very high standards of both our products and services.

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